Der Standard

Der Standard is one of the two most widely read quality newspapers in Austria. Founded in 1988 with the aim of becoming a New York Times for Austria, it describes itself as liberal and politically independent, and is generally considered to be centre-left in orientation. Its wide-reaching website often plays a pioneering role in Austrian online journalism, especially in terms of user engagement. Der Standard is mentioned on Wikipedia. 

DER STANDARD is the media partner of the Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence supported by the ERSTE Foundation and, together with the ERSTE Foundation, the Institute for Human Sciences and the Burgtheater, a partner in the discussion series “Debating Europe”.

Published articles

Cultural counteroffensive: how art creates and has created our image of Ukraine.

About Russia’s appropriation of Ukrainian art and how the role of culture has changed since the war began.

“Ukraine is heading for a long period of non-peace!”

Italian political scientist Nathalie Tocci on Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine. She was a guest at "Debating Europe" in Vienna.

Circularity isn’t rubbish!

Austria's first social business hotel has a new address. The concept has remained the same: social, ecological and economically sustainable.

“Without Western aid, Ukraine would not be viable.”

Economic historian Adam Tooze was a guest at "Debating Europe" in Vienna.

“Making concessions to the aggressor would be naive!”

Kyiv cultural scientist Vasyl Cherepanyn once fell victim to the violence of Ukrainian extremists – today, he says, Ukraine is united in its fight against fascism.

Vaccination – a scarce good?

"Debating Europe" with Katharina T. Paul, Barbara Prainsack, Marcus Bachmann and Ursula Wiedermann-Schmidt

Diversity, not just digital specialists

Peter Vandor and Reinhard Millner agree on the importance of social engagement for the future.

Corporate volunteering

How companies use the positive impact of volunteering to motivate their employees.

Austria and the golden east?

Tobias Spöri about the one-sided debate on migration from Central and Eastern Europe

Atmosphere of mistrust

Despite the current critical sentiment, Fidesz has a good chance of winning the parliamentary elections in Hungary.

The good-deeds business model

For the generation of the so-called millennials, a fulfilling working life goes beyond financial security.