“Together for Ukraine: Unity is our strength and opportunity.”

Talk Europe! with Nathalie Tocci

The main challenge for Europe, posed by the war in Ukraine, especially considering that this war is unlikely to end anytime soon, is sustaining unity within the European Union. 

“So, if and as our political debates, our public opinions start feeling a certain degree of fatigue with this war, are we going to be able to sustain the necessary unity in order to do the things that we have to do: moving forward on the enlargement process, moving forward towards energy independence, moving forward on sanctions. The Ukraine war has provided an opportunity to move forward on asylum and migration, to move forward on defence and to revive enlargement as a political project. Now, are we seizing that opportunity? I would say that so far this is a positive story. Are we going to be able to sustain that? Well, that is, I think, the challenge that we face.”

Jovana Trifunović in conversation with Nathalie Tocci, director of the Istituto Affari Internazionali, honorary professor at the University of Tübingen and Europe’s Futures fellow.


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This text and video is published under the Creative Commons License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0. The name of the author/rights holder should be mentioned as followed. Author: Jovana Trifunović and Igor Bararon / tippingpoint.net. Cover picture: film still, illustration: Iva Kabiljo

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“Witnessing war to learn for peace.”

“Proletarians of all countries, who washes your socks?”

“Time to rethink growth”

“It’s elites who turn against democracy, not the people.”

“Witnessing war to learn for peace.”

“Proletarians of all countries, who washes your socks?”

“Time to rethink growth”

“Justice cannot wait.”

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