The biannual print magazine IWMpost is published by the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM). The magazine reports on the activities of the Institute and offers original contributions by its fellows and guests. The IWM is a independent research institute based in Vienna that promotes and conducts advanced studies in the field of humanities and social sciences. It promotes international exchange and dialogue between scientists and intellectuals across disciplines, societies and cultures, especially between Eastern and Western Europe. There is an entry for the IWM on Wikipedia.


The ERSTE Foundation has been cooperating with the IWM for many years and on several projects. The largest joint programme is currently “Europe’s Futures – Ideas for Action” (Link!), a platform to develop new perspectives for a re-strengthened, united, and democratic Europe by engaging liberal-democratic voices from Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe in high-level academic, social and political debate on the future of the European Union, many of their contributions are published here and in the IWMpost. ERSTE Foundation supports as well the Milena Jesenska Fellowship for Journalists at the IWM. Together with the daily newspaper Der Standard and the Burgtheater, ERSTE Foundation and IWM are organising the high-level discussion series “Debating Europe”.

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