“Defeating populists in elections is the only viable way.”

Talk Europe! with Francis Fukuyama

The combination of downward economic mobility and rapid cultural change in a globalised world has made people insecure about their identity, and therefore it has pushed the issue of identity to the forefront.

In times when foundations of liberal democracy are challenged, defeating populists in elections is the only viable way forward according to political scientist and author Francis Fukuyama.


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This text and video is published under the Creative Commons License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0. The name of the author/rights holder should be mentioned as followed. Author: Jovana Trifunovic and Igor Bararon / tippingpoint.net. Cover picture: Pulse of Europe in Cologne, Pro-European rally „to stand up for a democratic and united Europe and send out positive energy against current tendencies.“ Photo: CC BY-SA 4.0 Raimond Spekking / Wikimedia Commons

Talk Europe!

Insight and commentary on contemporary European issues. Catalonia to Russia, politics to art: on relevant topics with the right people. New perspectives and new space for public debate.

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