Felwine Sarr


Felwine Sarr is a Senegalese academic and author. Sarr has taught at the University of Gaston Berger in Saint Louis, Senegal, since 2007. In 2011, he became the dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management. He is also the director of the university’s new research center on civilizations, religion, art, and communication. His work at the university also includes teaching political economy, development economics, econometrics, epistemology, and the history of religious ideas. In 2010, Sarr won the Abdoulaye Fadiga Prize for Economic Research. Sarr is also a musician and author and his books and essays often address issues of decolonization, philosophy, and culture. His most famous book is Afrotopia in which he speaks out for a reinvention of Africa and a radical separation from the post-colonial past of the continent. Sarr studied economics at the University of Orleans–France, where he earned his degree studying aggregation of the superior in economics in 2009.

Photo: © Antoine Tempé

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